Cool Mobile Accessories-Gadgets for Android Smartphones & iPhones

Mobile accessories or smartphone gadgets increases the utility of your smartphone. Nowadays we see a new smartphone launch almost every day which makes us difficult to choose. But there are some awesome smartphone accessories available in the market which can make your smartphone extraordinary. We’ve got the collection of few really cool & awesome smartphone accessories which can make your friends jealous. You can also gift these must-have smartphone accessories to your friends and relatives and be sure that they’ll be delighted with these cool phone accessories. Apple fans can customise their iPhone with these cool iPhone compatible accessories.

Cool Mobile Accessories which will transform your android smartphone or iPhone in to a super smartphone …

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Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

Google Daydream View (2017)

Google Daydream View (2017)

Virtual Reality is one of the fascinating technology nowadays for smartphone users. It gives you an awesome feeling like being present in the virtual space and you’re actually there. Virtual Reality is a promising technology getting developed since a decade but nowadays, through VR headset, it’s easily available to everyone. You can connect VR headset with your Android smartphone or iPhone and experience an amazing feeling. VR headsets provide a great 3D 360-degree view of videos, movies and games. If you play games on our smartphone while wearing any VR headset, it’ll give you feeling of being a part of the game and of course it’s virtual reality.

There are many VR Headsets available in India but Google Daydream View (2017) and Samsung Gear VR are most popular and actually gives excellent performance.

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Some Affordable and value for money VR Headset available in India  

Zoom Lens for Smartphone

A camera is one of the primary feature in most of today’s smartphone and actually some of them are really good. Nowadays you can click beautiful pictures from your smartphone itself but still, there is one limitation in most of the smartphone cameras i.e. zoom capacity. Smartphone cameras are still not able to do sports or wildlife photography and we need high-end camera for that. Smartphone with excellent cameras and good zoom capacity is very costly as well which everyone can not afford to buy. So what’s the solution?

Well, solution of this problem is Zoom Lens for Smartphone.


               Zoom Lens for iPhone

A zoom lens can help taking great pictures with zoom capacity up to 8X. You can buy a zoom lens for your android smartphone or for iPhone as well. One of the best Zoom Lens for iPhone and other smartphone is 4 in 1 Telephoto Camera Lens; we can buy this lens on Amazon Global Store and it delivers in India as well.

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Here is other popular Zoom Lens for a smartphone in India.

Mobile Charging Stand or Mobile Holder

We usually find difficulty in placing our mobile of the costly smartphone while charging, especially if you’re charging out of your home in an emergency. There is always a fear of damaging the mobile if it is kept on the floor or somewhere else. Risk increases if there are kids in your home. So why to take any risk when we have some really cool designed mobile charging stand (or mobile holders). See blow collection of some nice wall stand for your smartphone.

 iPhone Camera Protector

iPhone is very costly and we definitely wish to protect it from any possible damage. Due to its design, the rear camera of iPhone is always prone to scratches which really disturbing to have on your iPhone.  Buy just spending few bucks, we can easily save rear camera of iPhone from any scratches. iPhone camera protector comes in two forms – iPhone camera ring protector and iPhone camera lens tempered glass protector.Camera protector is available for all iPhone versions like iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus, 8 & 8 Plus.

See below mentioned some good quality iPhone camera protector, buy now and save your expensive iPhone camera from any possible damage.

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 Awesome Cases and Covers

Mobile cases and covers are an essential component of any smartphone. while buying back cover or back case for your favourite smartphone, we must ensure that the back cover should be sturdy and nicely designed. Generally, we buy an expensive smartphone but ignore about the quality of its back cover or case which not only protect our expensive smartphone but also increase its beauty and style. Here is a collection of some of the best designed back cover or your Android or window smartphone; plus stunning iPhone cases and covers as well. Choose the best suitable and cool back cover or case for your smartphone in this list and buy it at best price from trusted online shopping stores.

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Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are very popular nowadays for selfie lovers. Selfie sticks is a metal stick which can be extended to a certain length and so helpful in taking pictures or recording videos by keeping your smartphone at a certain distance typically beyond your arms reach. It is used as it helps to take nice images or videos from a certain distance when you’re shooting along with help of front camera of your smartphone. Smartphone camera gets connected with selfie stick through Bluetooth which helps users deciding when to click pictures. Generally, selfie sticks are available in the price range of Rs.150 – Rs.500 in India but we can get good deals when buying online.

Nowadays there are many designer selfie sticks available in the market. We have got a nice collection of selfie sticks from major online shopping sites with a great discount on selfie sticks. So choose your favourite selfie sticks from here and buy online at huge discount and deals.

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Cool Portable Chargers (Power Banks)

Portable chargers or power banks for mobiles are nowadays, an essential tool even when most of the smartphone makers are trying to keep large batteries inside modern smartphones to keep it running throughout the day. Despite all efforts, power consumption in a smartphone has gone pretty higher, mainly due to increasing number of mobile apps, high resolutions screens and higher use of mobile internet. These activities eat smartphone battery and so it’s always a wise option to keep power banks with yourself. This becomes a must necessity when travelling or going in rural areas where you can not find charging sockets or electricity easily. The portable chargers or power banks are very much useful when you’re watching any movie or playing games. In short, power banks are portable mobile chargers which keeps your smartphone running for the entire day. 

Before purchasing any power bank for your smartphone, it’s essential to check company (brand), quality, charging capacity etc. Nowadays power banks are available in cool designs and colours so let’s choose a nice looking and powerful mobile power bank from the listed below – 

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Screen Protectors or Screen Guards

Screen protectors or screen guards are a must have mobile  accessories now a days. Screen guards mainly protect your smartphone from scratches and getting damaged due to fall out. For each and every smartphone, we can buy good quality screen protectors or screen guards. From online shopping, we can save upto 70% on normal market price of any screen protector.

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Selfie Flash Light

Selfie LED Flash Light

Selfie LED Flash Light

Selfie Flash Light enhance selfie experience in low light. Not all smartphones support LED flash light for front camera and in low light situation it becomes impossible to take good quality selfie picture. So LED Flash light for front camera i.e. selfie flash light become a handy tool in such situation. It is detachable so plug it only when it is required. Selfie LED flash light is not expensive and mostly comes in the price range of Rs.200-Rs.400. Few top quality selfie flash light also comes expensive, in around Rs.600-Rs.1000 price range. You can choose a good quality flash light accessory suitable for your smartphone, from any of the store links mentioned below —

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Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Smartphone Screen Magnifier

Smartphone Screen Magnifier, as the name suggests, magnify smartphone screen view upto 3x-5x. Hence this accessory is useful in playing games, watching videos & movies etc. If you use normal or short screen size smartphone then this accessory (mobile screen magnifier) is very useful.

Were to buy suitable screen magnifier for your smartphone? Follow below mentioned links to go directly to online store page to buy it —


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Smartphone Battery

With increasing use of smartphone, demand for removable smartphone batteries or internal mobile battery has increased tremendously. If you’re looking to buy battery for your smartphone, then there is chances that you’ll not be able to find it in open market. The main reason behind it is that as the smartphone become outdated, we generally do not get old parts of any smartphone. So where to buy original mobile battery for your smartphone? well go directly through these links and buy mobile batter for your smartphone – 

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Mini Bluetooth Headset / Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

Mini bluetooth headset or mini earbuds comes really handy when you need to take calls while driving or listening music on the drive or anywhere else. This gives freedom from long wired headset or big wireless headsets. These are also very stylish to see. Buy some really cool designed mini buetooth headsets or mini earbuds for your smartphone, from below listed (with great discount offers) –


Buy Original Apple iPhone Headphone and Earbud for iPhone 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus online at great discount offer:


Mobile Ring Holder


Mobile Ring Holder

Mobile ring holder is trending mobile accessory now a days. This is good to have a firm grip while carrying smartphone in hand specially at crowded place or in train or in a bus. This also provides additional protection from your smartphone getting picked pocket.

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Beautiful Car Mounts

Car Mount Mobile Holder

Car Mount Mobile Holder

If you use navigation maps to drive your car then car mount mobile holders are essential for you. It give you ease of driving while looking at navigation map without any disturbance in driving. You can place these holders anywhere in your car as per your driving comfort position.

Now buy beautifully designed car mount mobile holders from these direct links of Online Shopping Stores, at Best Price – Flipkart | Amazon | Ebay | PayTm Mall


Arm Bands

Arm Band Mobile Holder

Arm Band Mobile Holder

Keeping mobile in pocket while running, walking, or doing exercise in the gym; is really annoying and uncomfortable. It also have a high risk of your smartphone falling down and breaking out. Arm bands is great useful smartphone accessory for holding your mobile while doing any kind of physical activity. It is also not expensive and can be purchased online in the  price range of Rs. 200 – Rs.500, check latest price and offers through these direct links — Flipkart | Amazon | Ebay | PayTm Mall


Game-pad or Gaming Controllers

Gaming Pad or Game Controller for Smartphone

Gaming Pad or Game Controller for Smartphone

Game Controllers are for gaming lovers who spent more time on playing games on their smartphone. By attaching smartphone in this gaming controller, we can play games with great control and and larger screen. Good quality game controller are expensive but there are few affordable gaming controllers like Amkette Evo Pro 2 is also  available for android smartphone users.

Buy Game Pad or Gaming Controllers for your android smartphone from these attractive deals and offers

Bluetooth Speakers

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers are available in different great colours and designs and it’s trendy as well. Most of the youngsters now a days keep bluetooth speakers. It’s a great device for music lovers and dancing. You can easily carry these bluetooth speakers, even in your pocket. Sony, Philips and JBL are the most popular most popular and high quality  bluetooth speakers but these are expensive as well. Bose Bluetooth Speakers are one of the best quality and most expensive as well.

Following are some handpicked deals on Bluetooth Speakers to buy online – 


Mobile accessories listed on this page are very useful and enhance uses of our smartphones. We can gift any of these mobile accessories to our friends or relatives and they’ll feel delighted to have it. These Mobile Accessories are very essential for all type of android smartphone or apple iPhone.

With increasing demand and supply of smartphone accessories, it has become really difficult to choose correct, suitable accessory for your smartphone. This article was meant to help readers find a good mobile accessory for android smartphones and iPhone accessories as well.

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