6 Must-have iPhone X Accessories online in India at best price, EMI offers

iPhone X is no-doubt, the best iPhone from Apple so far and it has some really cool super smartphone features. But there are some must-have iPhone X accessories to protect it from possible damages and also enhanced it’s usability. Well iPhone X comes with a premium price so we must buy good quality accessories to protect it. Spending few hundreds or few thousands rupees may save your iPhone X which is way too costly.

Let’s see some best iPhone X accessories which you can find & buy in India. These accessories are also applicable for iPhone 8, iphone7 and iphone 7 plus. You’ll also see it’s lowest price and EMI options to buy. 

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iPhone X Screen Protector | iPhone X Charging Adapters | iPhone X Protective Cases and Covers | Apple original Air-Pod for iPhone X | Best Wireless Earphones for iPhone X | Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone X

iPhone X Screen Protector

Altough iPhone X comes with a hard screen but it would be too costly to fix a broken screen in iPhone X. So it’s a wise thought to put a good quality screen protector which will your iPhone X screen from getting damaged or scratches. Here we have selected two screen protectors (or tempered glass) – one for front screen and another for back glass panel. These 2 screen protectors are one of the best screen protectors for iPhone available in India now.

1) Nillkin 3D Tempered Glass for iPhone X for Front Screen

Nillkin 3D Tempered Glass for iPhone - Xclues.com

This is one of the most popular and reliable screen protector which is air-bubble free, anti glare, scratch resistant, washable, anti-fingerprint and comes with UV protection as well.

This is removable screen so you can remove it anytime you want. putting this screen will keep away tension of getting screen of your too costly iPhone X getting damaged.

You can buy this screen protector on flipkart.com at ₹2999/- only.




2) Rhino Shield Screen Guard for iPhone X – Back Panel


iPhone X tampered glass - xclues.com

This is again a very reliable screen protector brand for iPhones. This will protect you the back panel of your iPhone X.

This Rhino Shield tempered glass is also removable so you don’t need to worry.

You can buy this iPhone X back panel screen guard on Flipkart at ₹2499/- only.

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3) Other popular iPhone X screen protectors or tempered glass

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iPhone X charging adaptor

iPhone X charging adaptor

We all have faced the issue in new iPhones that we can’t listen songs or can’t use earphone while charging iPhone. To solve th

is issue we have a top class product which is of really good quality as well.

Belkin RockStar Lightning Audio and Charge Adapter – You can Buy it on Amazon.in at ₹2999 only.

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Buy original Apple chargers and charging cables for iPhone X, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and 6

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iPhone X Protective Cases and Covers

Great looking cases and covers enhances beauty of your iPhone and at the same time it protects it as well. There are many brand available in the market which claims to be the best iPhone protective accessory but based on our own expereince we have shortlisted below mentioned 2 items which is  of high qualiy and easily available in India.

1) Archies Back Cover for Apple iPhone X

iPhone X back case

This is a genuine leather built back cover for Apple iPhone X and very popular in India. When we keep iPhone X which comes very costly, we must spend 2-3k to protect it.

This looks very beautiful and gives a good grip in hand.

You can buy this back case for iPhone X at ₹3,999/- only and is available on Flipkart.






2) MR Mobile Hub Back Cover for Apple iPhone X 

MR Mobile Hub Back Cover for Apple iPhone X

This looks like original Apple iPhone silicon case and the quality is also almost similar to the original one. This looks perfect in iPhone X and is availble in different colours (Grey, Black, Purple, Blue etc). So you can choose you colour while purchasing this Apple iPhone back cover.

You can buy this back cover for Apple iPhone X at Flipkart for ₹3,800 only.


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Few More Protective Cases and Back Covers for iPhone X which you can buy at Amazon.in –

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Apple original Air-Pod for iPhone X

Apple original Air-pods are costly but these are of unmatched quality and the best for any iPhone including iPhone X. But you can get some discounts if you buy original apple air-pods from Amazon. See links below, click to see current discount offer on Apple Air-Pods.

Best Wireless Earphones for iPhone X

Apart from Air-pods, we can also get some really amazing wireless earphones for iPhone X. One of the best wireless bluetooth earphone is from Samsung i.e. Samsung Level U. This is just amazing and give you an awesome experience, I say better than Air-pods. Buy Samsung Level U on Amazon with discounts.

Samsung Level U.







Wireless Charging Dock iPhone X

One of the best features of iPhone X is it’s wireless charging and so wireless charging docks are very useful accessory for iPhone X. It give an immense pleasure to see iPhone getting charged by just keeping on the dock. No need to plus charger cable.

Belkin Wireless Charging pad is one of the best and affordable wireless charging docs for iPhone X.

You can buy this wireless charging docks for ₹2,999/– only at Amazon.

Belkin Qi wireless charging pad for iPhone X

Any or all of the above mentioned iPhone X accessories will give a boost and protection to your favourite iPhone X.

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